Xenos Soundworks

Hardest Trap Sounds

108 patches. All 8 Macros assigned on each.


Product Overview

'Hardest Trap Sounds' is a collection of 108 hard-hitting, forward-thinking, ORIGINAL presets by one of Native Instruments' own sound designers. This sonic stash will help inspire some seriously legit Trap, Twerk and Dirty South bangers. Featuring soaring leads, aggressive synth stabs, unique sound effects, risers, thunderous basses, sweet bells, even a token serving of synth strings, brass, percussion and keys, you will have an entire sonic arsenal at your fingertips. All 8 Macro Controls have been intelligently assigned in each patch for maximum variety and expression. Please note that this soundset is in NMSV format only. About the Producer: Bryan 'Xenos' Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Rob Papen, ReFX, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more. His work is found in several Hip Hop-related Maschine expansions and the factory presets of such synths as Z3ta 2, Alchemy, Gladiator, Kontour, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, Hive, D.I.V.A., etc. Patch List BA Layer With Kicks 1 BA Layer With Kicks 2 BA Layer With Kicks 3 BA Layer With Kicks 4 BA Layer With Kicks 5 BA Crushed Nads BA Deep Square BA Dubtronic 1 BA Dubtronic 2 BA Dubtronic 3 BA Electrovox BA Funky Overtones BA Gritty Squarewave BA Psytrap BA Red Tone BA Sexy 808s BA Sines and Wonders BA The Works BL African Xylophone BL Funky Vibes BL No Frills Bells BL Space Bells BL Vibraphone BL Zen Bells BR Trap Synth Brass DR Dirty Claps DR Ghetto Snare DR Macros 808 Snare DR Macros Cowbell DR Macros Hats DR Macros Kick Maker DR Melodic 808 Congas DR Nu Toms DR One Mean Kick DR Synth Clicks FX Busy Beeper FX Cannabliss FX Chemical Explosion FX Crazy Riser FX Elevator FX Gated Riser 1 FX Gated Riser 2 FX Hard Noise Woosh FX Paranoid Whispers FX Party Alarm FX Psydrops KB Hammond B KB Pimp My Wurly KB Sweet Synth Organ LD 8 Mile Trap LD Big Saws LD EDM Trap LD Flash The Cash LD Flosstradamus Lead LD Funky Flutter LD Gutteral LD Jitter Square LD Legit Hip Hop LD Plucked Lead LD Psy Hop LD Raunchy Vocaloid LD Reedy Glider LD Rubbery Texture LD Sizzle Tops LD Sweet Solo LD Trap Hoover LD Wild Ride LD Stab 8-Bit Arps LD Stab 8-Bit Lasers LD Stab Baritone Bits LD Stab Blue Tone LD Stab Bwip! Bwip! LD Stab Cheap Verb LD Stab Clusterf_ck LD Stab Electroburps LD Stab Future Retro LD Stab Goomba Squash LD Stab Harlem Smash LD Stab Hood Rat LD Stab King Dubby LD Stab Laser Bubbles LD Stab Left Hook LD Stab Legato Funk LD Stab Little Bird LD Stab Metalworks LD Stab Methane LD Stab Moombahtrap LD Stab Now 16 Bit LD Stab Psycho LD Stab Robogrunts LD Stab Screamer LD Stab Secret Sauce LD Stab Silicon Grunge LD Stab Silver Lasers LD Stab Space War LD Stab Trapstep LD Stab VIP Room LD Stab Voco Hits PD Blueberry Kush PD Trap Gated Pad 1 PD Trap Gated Pad 2 PL Nu Retro ST Trap Synth Strings


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