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Straight Up Hip Hop
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Xenos Soundworks

Straight Up Hip Hop

64 presets for Massive. KSD and NMSV


Product Overview

"Straight Up Hip Hop" contains 64 fresh and powerful patches for your Hip Hop, Dirty South, R'n'B and Dancehall productions.

This soundset ships in both KSD and NMSV formats.

Massive - Straight Up Hip Hop - Patch List BA Chemical Burn BA Classic Sub BA Da Ripper BA Electric Bass BA Funky Bass BA Grime Bass BA Mellow Bass BA Nasty PWM BA Rezzobass FX Brain Fizz FX Cyber Zaps FX Dub Scrape FX Entrophy FX Instant Headrush FX Old Vinyl FX Rumble Drop FX Siren GA Stereo Gate GA Funkedelic KB Crunk Organ KB Play Chord Stabs KB Trippin' Organ LD Acrylic Plucks LD Banshee LD Classic Worm LD Crispy Saws LD Dirty Sweep LD Dripping Wet LD Electro Accordion LD Electrofunk LD Game Playa LD Moog Lead LD Noisy Lead LD Pimpslap LD Poly Wah LD Powerhouse 5ths LD Silver Haz LD Sizzle LD Soft Wah Lead LD Square Plucks LD Wimpy Lead PD Electro Pad PD Meditate PD Motion Pad PD Rising Stars PD Space Voices PD Spectrum PD Sweet Strings PD Weeping Keys SY Analog Keys SY Chilled Keys SY Dreamy Mallets SY Hip Horns SY OG Kush SY Picazzo Bells SY Shanghai SY Strobe Lights SY Strum Bells SY Sunbeams SY Synth Orch Hits SY Tearjerker Bells

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