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Future Retro Beats
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Xenos Soundworks

Future Retro Beats

100 Modern Funky Patches for Hive


Product Overview

'Future Reto Beats' contains 100+ meticulously designed patches with a strong, modernized "funky" character, and a broad range of stylistic uses. If you're looking for a collection that fits well into Hip Hop, Funk, Trap, R'n'B or Oldschool Electronica production, 'Future Retro Beats' is made for you.

Are you tired of flashy marketers who fall short on delivery once the product is in your hands? The author of this collection has worked extensively as a sound designer for Native Instruments, Cakewalk, U-He, and many other companies. His work can also be heard on popular hits by Chris Brown and other artists. You can rest assured you are getting the real deal with 'Future Retro Beats', without the heavy price tag.

The basses and subs have that phat and fuzzy feel of the oldschool, while staying true to the times here in 2015. Same goes for the leads, pads and synths. They retain that soulful nostalgia, while masterfully incorporating sound design technigues which give you that modernized feel the new blood on the scene is looking for.

'Future Retro Beats' was largely created in the spirit of sonic exploration, seeking out new sounds, while keeping it real to mainstream sensibilities. Looking to stand out among the rest? 'Future Retro Beats' will provide you with a handy arsenal of true quality sounds, ready to inject some serious mojo into your next commercial track or platinum hit.



808 With MIDI Assign
Bass Hits
Dee Ex Se7en
Fast Attack
Few Extra Pounds
Funk Bass
Grows Slowly
Heated Plastic
Modern Pop
Nu Funk Bass
Orange Hue
Play Low
Punchy Attck
Retro Electro
Retro Flavored Ear Candy
Sub Bass 1
Sub Bass 2
Sub Bass 3
Sub Bass 4
Sub Bass 5
Sub Bass 6
Wob It Up
Wow Bass

Keys, Horns and Synths

African Xylosynth
Arp Food
Blippity Bits
Downtempo Layers
EDM Trap Plucks
Funky Synth Organ 1
Funky Synth Organ 2
Future Retro
Krazy Wayne
Nu Baroque
Nu Funk Brass
Pineapple Kush
Pizza Catto
Plastic Rhodes E. Piano
Plastic Synth Plucks
Polished Top End
Sliding Brass
Sliding Brass 2
Temple Bells
Trap Brass
Ultimate Funk
Voltage Controlled Raga


4 Of A Kind
21st Century Funk
Alpha Bucks
Beaty Queen
Booty Shaker
Dirty 70s Funk
Duophonic 3rds
Duophonic Glider
Fake Love
Flashin' That Ho Bait
Fully Loaded
Funky House Lead
Funky Never Dies
Funky Wunky
Future Funk
Glassy Funk
Greasy Feel
Hip Hop Lead 3
Hip Hop Lead 4
Hip Hop Lead 5
Hip Hop Lead 6
Nowadays Pulse Lead
Nurse Ratchet
Old Soul
Psy Funk
Razor Cuts
Retro Rezzo
Schizoid Clown Mafia
Slow Lead
Squiggly Slide
Trendy Square
True G


Beautiful Brown Eyes
Bright Retro Pad
Busta Nuts
Buttered Synstrings
Pastel Colors
Pretty Pad
Sliding Riser Pad
Slow Analog Strings
Soft Colors
Waves Of Pleasure

Sound Effects

Gum Drops
Klicky Klaps
Rastafari Catnip
Riser X
Wave Whip

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