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Protesting People
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West Wolf

Protesting People

26 ambiences recorded in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Product Overview

Protesting People is a small collection of 26 ambiences recorded in Sofia (Bulgaria) tracking in 3 different days a peaceful protest to protect nature and forests from construction. This library will take you to the middle of 7,000-10000 crowds of people protecting nature. You can hear a lot of people and unrecognizable speech, the noise of a variety of instruments such as whistles, drums and others used in similar events. Moving streak in streets, whistling people and chanting OSTAVKA (Resignation) and MAFIA. This library can be used for any kind of projects in need of a protesting crowd from Eastern Europe

Gear used:Edirol R4-pro and Neumann KM184 stereo set . All files are meta-tagged in Soundminer


Number of Files: 26 High Quality WAVS (50:42)
Size Unpacked: 3.26 GB
Sample Rate: 192kHz/24bit
Gear Used: Gear used:Edirol R4pro / Neumann KM184 stereo set
Other Info: Meta-Tagged in Soundminer

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