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Night Cityscapes
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West Wolf

Night Cityscapes

City ambience by night

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Product Overview

Night Cityscapes delivers the urban sounds of a sleeping city. The collection includes more than 3 hours of night and early morning ambiences that are recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. All recordings were made between 01:30 and 05:30 am. This collection will uncover city in a way you may not know.

You will find atmospheres of quiet and empty small streets in the city center, where can be heard some air conditioners, urban hum and light traffic in the far background.

Lonely sounds of traffic lights. One single taxi passes and disappears into the night, and then it is followed by silence. Empty streets and squares with distant voices and footsteps going somewhere. Major boulevards with light night traffic. Industrial empty streets, where electric buzz and big air conditioners can be heard.

Very, very early morning atmospheres filled with singing birds eager to foreshadow the beginning of a new day.

‘Night Cityscapes’ will fill the missing part of your nocturnal urban atmospheres.


Gear used:

Sound Devices 633, Neumann KM184


67 files

67 sounds

24 bit / 96 kHz

6.01 GB

Includes metadata


Approx. 186 minutes total

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