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Dock Ambiences and SFX
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West Wolf

Dock Ambiences and SFX

Recorded at Varna Port in Bulgaria

Product Overview

Dock Ambiences and SFX is recorded in the industrial part of Varna port in Bulgaria. This small pack includes 16 high-quality sound effects and ambiences in 24 bit, 96/48 kHz – a total of more than 20 minutes.

You will hear sounds of large cranes loading cargo ships, trucks passing by, or working in place, hits by massive iron tools, creaky elements and an old industrial barrier.

You can use this pack as a background or sfx in movies, games or any other project that needs industrial atmospheres or sound effects. All files are Meta-tagged.


Specs: 16 files • 16 sounds • 48-96/24 • 614mb • Includes metadata

Duration:Approx. 20 minutes total

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