Construction Ambiences - Field Recordings
Construction Ambiences
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West Wolf

Construction Ambiences

Hydraulics, Excavators, Plate Compactors, Buzzsaws

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Product Overview

Construction Ambiences is a library of atmospheres that tracks different processes from the construction site.

It was recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria during the renovation of several objects in the city center, namely: small streets, squares and big streets. The processes are shaking and removing old pavements and placing new ones (pavement, asphalt, tiles, etc.).

You will hear a variety of road construction equipment: Hydraulic Jackhammer, Excavator, Fadroma, Plate Compactor, Buzzsaw, Chainsaw and other hand and mechanical tools. Workers who speak and chant in distant backgrounds without hearing a recognizable speech can also be heard. Тhe feeling of an urban environment is aided by the reflected sound waves of surrounding buildings.

Gear used:

  • Neumann KM184 stereo set
  • Edirol R4pro
  • All files are meta-tagged in Soundminer

Enjoy the construction site

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  • Number of Files: 38 High Quality WAVS (87:39)
  • Size Unpacked: 2.82 GB
  • Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit
  • Gear Used: Neumann KM184 stereo pair
  • Other Info: Meta-Tagged in Soundminer
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