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Tunecraft EDM Signature Series
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Tunecraft Sounds

Tunecraft EDM Signature Series

70 Massive presets, 46 midi clips, samples, Ableton 8 project

Product Overview

Whether you're into dubstep, glitch hop, electro house, drum & bass or any other sub genre, sound design is now an essential aspect of your production ! But it's not easy to get that juicy bass, that nasty lead, and all the candies that make people go nuts when they hear your new tunes. Of course, you can't just rely on your synth work, but choosing the right presets is off to a good start: The good news is, we got what you need !

This high value pack contains 70 properly designed presets: What you need is just Massive 1.3 or higher and a few automation tweaking ! We also included a load of great bonuses: -Bonus 1: Dig in the ableton live 8 demo project and check how we edited the midis, how we automated Massive's parameters, or how we secretly set our devices to get that nasty, crispy sound !

No external plugins needed, just Massive, a bunch of EQs and compressors to ensure the sounds blend well together, and that's it ! -Bonus 2: Not an ableton user ? no problem !

We also added all the midi clips to recreate any sound or melody from the demo, and create your own tracks from scratch ! -Bonus 3: Get all the drum samples and loops used in the demo So whether you want ready made presets to slot straight in to your work with no fuss, or want to get deeper into designing your own unique sounds, this outstanding pack is a must to bring back to your lab, fire up your equipment and create your next level tune !

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