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Stoner Planet T

70s Tripped-out Electric Piano


Product Overview

A simple sample set from the Hohner Pianet T, but with a twist. As always, sampled to worn tape to emulate the mellotron sound, but this time the samples have been gently overdriven with vintage valves, to bring out the hidden character of the Pianet, which without sounds very polite.

With the valves added, the Pianet comes to life, and sounds like a wurlitzer / rhodes hybrid, and more.

There are over 40 different 70s inspired instrument patches created for Kontakt 4.2.4 (FULL version only) or later, and the wavs will also load in other samplers too (but no presets).

The kontakt patches have a theme of modulation running through most of them, from autowah to ramped lfos and delays (via the mod wheel), as well as classic phasers.

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Love Tronsonic

Authentic, warm

Nils Oevergaard

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