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Organatron v2
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Organatron v2

Vintage Rock Organ with Tape Degrade Controls

Product Overview

An updated version of the Organatron m100.

The Hammond m100 sampled to worn tape with vintage valve equipment. The model m100 was used by Pink Floyd on Live at Pompeii, Led Zeppelin on their first lp, Procul Harum and countless other bands.

Featuring the same interface as the microtape series, with an added vibrato feature as well as a rotating leslie effect. Full control over the 'age' of the instrument, via the tape degrader function.

Create different settings for each drawbar - from panning, tape degrading, to effects and different rotary speeds - enabling beautiful and original organ patches.

With 9 drawbars plus harmonic tabs and bass pedals. All controls can be learned by midi cc

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