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Pan Flute
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Pan Flute

South American Pan pipe for Kontakt

Product Overview

This two octave South American pan flute instrument features a split keyboard with staccato notes on the lower keys (with overblown 'chiffs' at higher velocities) and sustained notes on the upper. A selection of breaths is included and volume can be adjusted using the modulation wheel. All samples have been recorded at 24 bit quality and feature 2x round robin.

Please note: Pan Flute requires the full version of Kontakt 4.2 or above. It will only work in demo mode in Kontakt Player.

* This instrument can also be purchased as part of a Wind Instruments Bundle featuring 8 Kontakt instruments

Customer Reviews

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Pan Flute - all you need

I have been composing Film/TV scores and CDs (starting with LPs) as my "day job" since 1976. I use pan flutes a lot, esp. in Doc. scores. Over the years, I recorded myself playing PF and used various electronic PFs. Now that I have Pan Flute, its all I use. I love shaping sounds on computer and Pan Flute is my go-to instrument for this sounds - Peter Davison

Peter Davison

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Outstanding for the price!

I just tried this instrument out, seeing how a VST from an unheard company that I stumbled upon while browsing for good but cheap instruments. I must say first however, that the interface is non-existent; you will have to tweak the settings and check the round-robins in the Kontakt edit-mode. Also, all of the samples are displayed on the keyboard of the Kontakt software as well. Three octaves for both staccato and Legato, and six breath sounds.It was pretty simple to maneuver the VST; a couple of minutes to check the rr's, add reverb, and tweak the settings of the samples. While playing the sounds, I was very impressed: they were completely authentic, well recorded, and rich sounding! They should update the demo on this page because it doesn't portray what you could really do with these sounds. That being said, this instrument is great, but not perfect. Just subtle differences mainly. Nothing to obvious or distracting soundwise. It also doesn't have as many articulations as the more expensive libraries, or an interactive interface, but it definitely gets the job done.If you are in need of a pan flute, that sounds authentic, has a light footprint, and is cheap, look no further than here. I spent a week looking for a good pan flute vst for a good price, and this one delivered.

Ben Sokol

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gilles bousquet

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Nice panflute library

I didn't find a good free pan flutes library. This library was only five euros and sounds good enough for my purpose.

blabla blabla

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