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Organic Desolation
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T.D. Samples


Organic Desolation

Organic source Kontakt instruments for space/sea soundscapes

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Product Overview

Organic Desolation contains 27 Kontakt instruments with a cold, desolate feel.

The sounds were created by greatly stretching samples taken from a kalimba, acoustic guitar, cymbal, flute, pitch pipe, zither and voice. Developed for Kontakt 4.1 and above using 32 bit float samples,these subtle textures are suitable for dark space/sea soundscapes, film scores, atmospheres etc..

The audio demo contains the following sounds: 'Alien World' (created with a kalimba) 'Alien Winds' and 'Space Drone' (created with an acoustic guitar and voice) 'New Horizons' and 'Pulse' (created with a zither and pitch pipe) 'Martian Sunrise' (created with an acoustic guitar) 'Lifeless Planet' and 'Bass Throb' (created with a cymbal and flute) 'Waves' (created with a flute)

Developed for Kontakt 4.1 and above - Not suitable for Kontakt Player

Customer Reviews

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A bargain sci-fi pads library

We're probably all overloaded with these sci-fi pads and underscore sounds but the big surprise for me in this Kontakt library (basic nki files, no developer GUI) was the vocal/choral aspect that a lot of the patches exhibited nicely in certain key ranges. You do hear those space voices/choirs in many of the patches and they make the patches even more useful. All in all, a good sounding bargain.

Stan Borek

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