Subsonic Artz


Post-apocalyptic and dark science fiction ambiences for Diva

Product Overview

DystopiArtz is designed to bring you an instant post-apocalyptic and dark science fiction ambiences.

It'll bring the desolate, gritty, sinister, disonant or even melancholic feel you were looking for your movie or your game scores. But of course, DystopiArtz can also be used for other styles like EDM, Gothic music ...

To bring this project to life, we've been drawing inspiration from: - old movies like Blade Runner, Planet of the apes, Logan's run, Brazil, Soylent Green... - modern ones like Maze Runner, Oblivion, After earth, Divergent, Mad Max... - TV shows like The walking dead, Fear the walking dead... - Video games (Fallout..) - our own imagination... 


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in DystopiArtz


  • There are 129 carefully crafted presets in DIVA DYSTOPIARTZ
  • You'll need version 1.4.1 of DIVA to be able to use the soundbank without problems
  • Installation instruction included


  • 24 AR (arpeggiators)
  • 5 BS (basses)
  • 3 DO (downers)
  • 18 FX (effects)
  • 4 KY (keys)
  • 26 PD (pads)
  • 3 RI (risers)
  • 24 SC (soundscapes)
  • 5 SQ (sequences)
  • 17 SY (synths)
  • The modwheel has an action on (almost) every patch for subtle or drastic changes on the sounds.
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