Computer Welt - Repro 1 Sound Set
Computer Welt
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Computer Welt

Kraftwerk DNA

Product Overview

Computer Welt was built with a clear purpose in mind: To get as close as possible to the Kraftwerk’s sound DNA.

As a big fan of the famous band of Düsseldorf (and also of some other Krautrock’s bands like Tangerine Dream...), I found this idea of building a dedicated bank really really exciting. 

To bring this unique project to life (to our knowledge, no other bank of this kind as been done for a Vst, except the Synth-Werk from Best Service but this one is a sample library) I decided to use the Repro-1 Vst because I was really astounded by its sounds and its features (especially the integrated sequencer).

After some first tests and a few patches, the project was born. Enjoy!

Preset after preset, we designed Computer Welt to reproduce those typical robotic and electronic sounds from the 70's and early 80's.

We do hope that you'll like this new bank of sounds as much as we did while building it.

We are Robots...

Download Manual


  • There are 126 carefully crafted presets in Repro 1 - Computer Welt.
  • You'll find 2 formats in the set: h2p for Repro-1 and nksf for Komplete Kontrol.
  • Installation instruction included.
  • The patches : 12 AR (Arpeggiators) , 3 BS (Bass), 22 FX (Effects), 16 LD (Leads), 7 PD (Pads), 24 RY (Rythms),  42 SQ (Sequences).
  • The modwheel and/or the Aftertouch have an action on 123 patches for subtle or drastic  changes on the sounds.
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