The Mint - Coins and Money Sound Effects

The Mint

450 sounds covering all manner of monetary material

Product Overview

The Mint features 450 high-quality sounds covering all manner of monetary material.
Coins. Coin-filled sacks. Bank notes. Bank Cards. Wallet. Receipts.

A versatile library for music production, video, motion design and games.

Money makes the beats go pound
The Mint’s larger-than-life recordings are a perfect fit for Hip Hop and contemporary styles, either as one-shot effects or percussive layers. Mangle them, layer them up, pitch them down. Coin sounds make great percussion – even hats and snares – with little more than an envelope adjustment and are near-endless sources of transient material that’ll cut through the mix.

A wide variety of performances...
Spun, flung, dropped, slid, submerged, placed down, picked up, tossed, shaken, rustled, rattled, flipped. One coin, a few coins, many coins.

...on a wealth of surfaces
Wood, metal, ceramic, carpet, cardboard, plastic, bamboo, water, other coins, hands.

Counter loops and one shot effects
Coin and note counters ticking up, perfect for currency or score increasing or decreasing in games and motion design.

Burlap sack of coins
Half-filled and full to the brim, light and heavy effects, on soft and hard surfaces.

More than coins
Bank notes, credit cards, wallet and receipt sounds are included for versatility.



Recorded with ultra-low-noise, ultra-sensitive, high-end ultrasonic mics capable of capturing every metallic shimmer and clink. Pitched down, these samples sound HEAVY and HUGE while remaining crisp and clear thanks to the extra high-frequency detail.

The majority of sounds included retain their ultrasonic frequency information, making the library ideal for sound design and further processing.

  • Stereo and Mono WAV files provided (900 files total)
  • Arranged into folders by object, surface quality and performance
  • Metadata: BWF & Soundminer (embedded), PDF, ODS
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