Scott F Thompson

Old Piano V2

Classic rag time piano for EXS-24


Product Overview

The classic old piano sound! Perfect for saloon and ragtime works. This was sampled from the very old Mason & Rich piano in the photo. Two patches included: -one in the original out of tune sample -one having the samples tuned as close as possible to equal temperament. EXS24 files also can open in Kontakt, Mainstage, Halion, Structure free, Mach Five and Ableton (with sometimes limited functions) A tiny bit of reverb/eq was added on this demo, please note the samples will come completely dry. Have fun with this one!

V2 just fixes a couple issues with newer versions of logic mapping some of the low notes off. Also, the piano is transposed to C3 instead of C4 to fit the majority of keyboards (Sorry Yamaha :/). Double samples for additional samplers have also been deleted making this a lot less taxing on space. (Most newer samplers like kontakt have adapted anyway and should run just fine off of or converting the exs samples)


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Old Piano V2

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Bodnar

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆Verified Review

Very Good Reminder of Old Times

If there was a Kontakt version too, it would have been 5 stars. Now only 4. But the quality is exceptional for such a small library. The only one Mason&Rich upright in my collection, and sounding as a real old upright with a lot of atmosphere. I normally like dry samples for further acoustic manipulation, but this time the charm of the old instrument is imposing its own atmosphere.So 4 stars only for not having a Kontakt version.And what ever happened with the Hounted Piano? That one was very good and would make me a great service during the coming days of Halloween.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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