Scott F Thompson

Glockenspiel ST. V2

50% Discount

96khz, EXS24 & .NKI patch


Product Overview

V2 features both a light and full .Nki patch for Kontakt users. There is no compromise with the kontakt patches, they sound just as awesome!

Anyone who bought the first version can download this again to get the .nki patches if they like. :) This is the best Glock recordings I've ever herd, ever. Got lucky with this one and hopefully others can enjoy it now too.

It's 96khz, so yes, that means you can play bass notes with a glockenspiel now. You can hear this in the demo here. Nothing was edited with the demo, no reverb or anything. This comes with two patches, one simple, light patch, and one with the full set of keys recorded quiet and soft.

Designed for MainStage, but also rocks in any EXS24 sample player.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Glockenspiel ST. V2

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