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Oddmospheres 2
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Oddmospheres 2

Cinematic sounds for Massive

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Product Overview

Continue your journey through uncharted space with Oddmospheres 2, a collection of highly morphable, dynamic instruments for Massive. You'll find a collection full of unique sounds that span the spectrum from pristine and pure to gritty and abrasive.

Each patch is outfitted with eight macro knobs that often alter the sound in drastic ways, so be sure to explore the depths thoroughly.

Don't forget to wear sunscreen, protect your eyes with goggles, and have a hazmat suit handy for emergencies!

  • 55 unusual instrument patches
  • Hybrid Pad/Leads full of character and subtle nuance
  • Rhythms - most patches include a macro that can add (or subtract) pulsing rhythms
  • FX - intense risers and drops that would scare a Transformer
  • Each instrument includes eight MIDI assignable macros for sound shaping control!
  • Current version of Massive required
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