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Layered Drums

Layered Drums

560 Deep, Dirty, Funky and Crisp Layered Drum Samples


Product Overview

180 Kicks, 180 Snares, 100 Claps and 100 Hi Hats, all layered to perfection and ready to be abused. From sub layered kick samples to acoustic hitters.Snares come in all varieties with crispy snare samples, flammy snare samples, crunchy and bit crushed snare samples and a whole lot more. The clap samples range from extremely wet and large to tight and crunchy, from club filler monsters to small snappers. The hi-hat samples are huge in variety from acoustic hi hat samples to shaker types, from fizzing hard hits to soft cabasa textures. These sounds have undergone serious production and layering, and run through some very high end dynamics to give them the 'oomph' factor. A wide and varied selection of Hip Hop and Dance drum layers ensures that your productions will never run out of different sonic colours and flavours to choose from.
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