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Killa Kits
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Killa Kits

96 Battery 3 Drum Kits - Over 6000 Samples


Product Overview

'Killa Kits' is a collection of 6,000 drum samples formatted into 96 presets for NI Battery 3,covering genres from Rap and Hip Hop to Dance.

Each preset includes multiple drum kits laid out across the keyboard, so you get hundreds of kits in total.
Crammed to the hilt with 6,000 samples and mapped across the whole 60 note template, this downloadable library is bursting with the latest cutting edge drum, percussion and efx sounds for both Rap/Hip Hop and Dance genres.

This is the best 'bread and butter' library out there and perfect for any type of song construction.
We have been careful to present these kits for fluid playability, and have designed the samples using very select outboard.
This vast library includes hundreds of drum kits covering multiple genres from electronic percussion to impacts, from grimy kits to scratch kits, from sparkling percussion to hard hitting efx, this library has everything you will ever need to create beats irrespective of genre or style.
Every kit and every range of samples has been meticulously edited and mapped across the keyboard so as to provide you with fluent 'tapping' or 'slamming' of drum beats projects.


Some of the kits included are:

  • Scratch: sliced n' diced scratch samples, chronologically mapped so as to provide you with playing realism. Unique and original and sampled live from a scratch artiste.
  • Layered: layered drum kits, mapped and edited to provide you with the extra 'thump' and 'bottom-end' in your mixes.
  • Percussive: from Latin percussion to manic Tibetan Bells, from club Cowbells to Tabla drones, these kits have hundreds of pristine acoustic and synthetic percussive samples.

Fancy a Banya, or maybe a Tabla filtered to taste, how about some Shakers and Tambourines that simply eat up space, or how about the weird and wonderful like Orchestral Toms?

  • Hip Hop and Dance drum kits: specifically tailored for the genres. No gentle acoustic kits here, just mind numbing and spine rattling mega drums. From Kicks that burst your spleen to Snares that make your eyes bleed, from Claps that rattle the competition to Hi Hats that fizz the cones. Add acoustic and synthetic Toms and percussive elements into these kits and you have all it takes to fulfil any project you may have.
  • EFX: no drum library is complete without effects. Fancy some reverse Cowbells, or how about some electro grating sounds, or sounds from a factory? Maybe some huge resonating Toms run through an Eventide, or maybe some cricket crushed sounds, or sci-fi? They are all here.

This is the definitive Drum Library!

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