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Rattly and Raw

The First Batch - Amalgamation

Collection of Unique Instruments

Product Overview

The first batch conatins a selection of Rattly and Raw instruments in one big bundle. We've combined our Cold War Listening Station, First Incarnation, Marxophone and Student Vibraphone packs into one simple to use, RAM-efficient, four simultaneous channel, tweakable monster of an instrument!

As a bonus, this pack also includes The 1st Incarnation Drums and Percussion Instrument. This instrument contains ALL the instruments found in the original First Batch of packs we released. Over 60 in total. The First incarnation and Cold War Listening Station slot choices have submenus to select instruments from within those packs. You can create any combination of packs and instruments that you like! Four Marxophones..hell, why not!!!

Each pack has a load of tweakable controls and there's a dedicated convolution reverb for each channel with some amazing rare analog and digital impulse responses to really enhance the sounds. The second tab on the instrument opens up the Master Controls section where you can adjust global compression, chorus, per-slot verb type and global distortion levels!

Will work with full versions of Kontakt 4.2.4 (and above) and any full version of Kontakt 5

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sick as usual !


gilles bousquet

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