Les Productions Zvon

Sidekick Electronic Percussion

Unique Percussive Sounds

Product Overview

I wanted to create percussions that not only would sound great and offer versatility when sequencing. But that would also be fun to play in realtime on a keyboard or a drum pad with the velocity layers.

I am very happy with the results. I named it Sidekick because it is a great add-on to any acoustic or electronic drums/percussions kits. Even though it features plenty of kick drums, some snares and toms, the bulk of this set is made of original and unique percussive sounds and FX.

There are 285 sounds including 152 with velocity layers (from 2 to 8, average 4 or 5) for a total of 809 samples.

All were created with various softsynths.

Available in soundfont, Kontakt 3 (full version, not the free player), Battery 3 and wav file formats.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Sidekick Electronic Percussion