Memory Collection Pack 10 - Vintage Samples
Les Productions Zvon

Memory Collection Pack 10 - Eclectic

Over 5017 public domain samples (1.84 GB)

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Product Overview

Memory Collection 10 (Eclectic) is the largest Memory Collection pack to date with 5017 samples (1.84 GB) taken from a varied collection of Public Domain videos.

  • Four movies (3 horror/Sci-Fi and 1 monster movie)
  • 19 TV show episodes including 13 from Sci-Fi shows from the 1950s
  • 11 documentaries including 4 on the subject of sound recording
  • 70 ads
  • With material from the 1930s to the early 60s!

Click the demo icon above to download a small selection of the included sounds for free.

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Customer Reviews

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This pack has something for everyone

If I could only have just one of the Memory Collection packs, this would be a good choice. Has a little bit of everything across genres and types of samples. Zvon's most fat packed library yet. The Fx are stand out. Music has a wide variety of samples & cues. As always, well organized. Almost 10x as much male speech as female, but then I doubt any of the sampled films would pass the Bechdel test. Audio quality of the clips ranges. Many spoken word gems.

Jeffrey Radice

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