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Kids Kits

1-shot children vocal samples

Product Overview

The samples in this set are from a recording made with two young children, a little girl (3 years old) and a little boy (5 years old).

They were very happy to sing, talk and make funny noises in the microphone.

I selected 136 unique one-shot samples from this session and further split some of the longer ones so there are 259 samples in total. It is available in the following formats: Caustic 2, wav, sfz, NI battery 3 and Kontakt 3.5 (or better, not the Kontakt player).

The set has 7 main programs. The wav files are also included so they can be used in any software that loads wav files.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Kids Kits


Customer Reviews

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A Mess of Kids

Strange: kids singing or trying to sing, talking, making noises... A strange library that perhaps won't attract you from the beginning, but will make you like it in a time. And it can fit all kind of projects. And, very cheap.

Pedro Kerstitzsch