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Jenni's Wineglass
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Michael Bietenholz


Jenni's Wineglass

The deep-crystal sound of a wineglass for Kontakt


Product Overview

Jenni's Wineglass: this Kontakt instrument is a slow, atmospheric, deep-crystal pad made from the sounds of a single wineglass.

The glass was played by the lovely Jenni Wren,and recorded in "macro-stereo". The body of each note is the very dreamy sound made as Jenni slides her moistened finger round and round the glass, and playing harder brings in a bell-like sound of the wineglass being struck.

Alternate samples are triggered "round robin", so each note is slightly different. All rounded off by a nice convolution reverb. This patch is optimized for playability, allowing you to interactively shape the sound as you play.

Channel pressure brings in vibrato, and the custom Kontakt interface has controls for the release time, reverb and decay.

The Soundcloud demo was played without midi-sequencing.

Kontakt 4 required - Not Kontakt Player

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