Weird Ambient Stuff 2

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Cinematic atmosphere tools for Kontakt 5


Product Overview

How often have you been composing and thought to yourself: ?Self, this track requires some weird ambient stuff to make it complete.? Six times, maybe? Perhaps even seven or more times. This painful realization can be avoided by possessing the proper tool with which to atmospherize your music? Weird Ambient Stuff 2! Therein, you will find one hundred sound sources and a cool interface to mix, match, move and morph them with. / Versatile, heavily tweakable 3 module instrument interface for crafting dynamic ambiances and rhythmic pulses // Morpher: Three assignable sample layers with independent ADSR, effects, pitch and volume controls which crossfade with CC1 // Tri-Delay: Three fully configurable delay lines that can use the samples chosen in the Morpher, or select three completely different samples for the delay source! // Rhythmoid: Sixteen step LFO sequencer, each step with independent shape, rate, and power controls / 100 sounds drawn from organic, inorganic, and synthesized sources / 50 instrument presets // These will get you started, but the real fun is in mixing and matching the sound sources in the Morpher and finding your own weird combinations! / Requires the latest full version of Kontakt 5 Check out this '5 stars Awesome' review from The Audio Spotlight:


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Weird Ambient Stuff 2

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