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The waterphone is the rather cool sound that defined the Matrix soundtrack. For more info see http://www.richardawaters.com/waterphone/ The instrument is normally played with a violin bow. In this kit, though, I have sampled every rod of the instrument being hit with a beater, both rubber and metal, which creates bell like sounds with tonnes of inharmonic partials. The rods on the instrument (28 of them on my particular model) are not arranged in pitch order. So I made two types of program. In one I have simply arranged the samples in the order that the rods are arranged around the instrument, to give an authentic playing experience. In the other I have rearranged the samples in pitch order. For both types of program there are two variants - a keyswitched one (C0 for the metal beater, D0 for the rubber beater), and one with the rubber and metal beater samples all laid out across the keyboard. There are also 4 samples of glissandi for each beater. The demo is a simple improvisation on the waterphone samples, with no effects or processing.
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