Waldorf 'Best Of Both Worlds'

For Waldorf Largo, Blofeld, Q-range and TerraTec Komplexer

Product Overview

128 Massive sounds for the huge range of Waldorf synths. This ?Best of both worlds? package covers the new Waldorf Blofeld, the Waldorf Q-series, Waldorf Largo and TerraTec Komplexer synths. Bolfeld and Q-range are hardware synths, but don't despare: the software synths are in no way left behind! Try out the demo presets (download them here) to hear exactly what you'll be getting! Dirty basses, leads and sequence sounds, pads and plucks, all in the classic Waldorf style. No more weird clangs, effects and bells, these are straight to the point cutting-edge electronic sounds! All sounds have been programmed by Jani Kervinen aka Mystery Islands.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Waldorf 'Best Of Both Worlds'

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