Metasounds - UltraPro

Metasounds - UltraPro

Custom Z-Plane Synthesizer Samples


Product Overview

Ultrapro is a sample library based from the the E-MU ULTRAPROTEUS, which was a combination of the Proteus I Pop & Rock, II , Orchestral, III World Instruments, and Proformance Grand Piano, which included Z-plane filters from the Morpheus. The 470 WAVs at the heart of this Synth were created using the Emulator III.

This was the Ultimate second generation Proteus!

The Samples you are about to use is a very powerful example of the 32 Z-plane 14-pole Digital Filters, and Dual 8 Segment Function Generators that make this synthesizer so unique. Programming techniques were used to push the sound architecture to its limits, giving you a fresh new palette of sounds.

All Metasounds within this sample library have been programmed and sampled exclusively for Metascape Media.

Ultrapro comes with 11 Multi Presets, 7 Single Presets, and 3 X-tra Multi Combos. Ultrapro is compatible with the full version of Kontakt 5 and higher, but will not work with Kontakt Player

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