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TrueBlue is an electronic-style drum module powered by sounds sampled from "mkII" version of an analog drumsynth made in East Germany. A total of 69 sounds are arranged and selectable in 8 monophonic drum parts, ready for triggering and editing with amplitude control, pitch, panning, playback quality, tone and velocity: 11 bassdrums; 11 snares; 9 claps; 10 pairs of hihats; 9 cymbals; 9 pairs of toms; 10 percussions. 6 bassdrums and 6 snares have been also sampled through analog fxs such as the original unit's distortion, a blending distortion and a vintage fuzz. Old school spirit and raw vibe of the drumsynth, including subtle sounds drifting derived from analog circuitry and free-running oscillators, has been sampled and can be manipulated through a simple midi-notes operated interface. Resulting drumkits can be played raw or brutally degraded, pitched, filtered, panned or stereoized, routed to individual outputs for multichannel operations (depending from availability) and stored as patches. -S+S drum module for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions -100 sounds each with 8 randomly alternated samples -800 24bit 96k mono samples, 206Mb (unlocked) -mixer section and outputs assignment -stereo FX for snare/clap/hihat/cymbal/percussion -manual or midi-controlled user interface -host-automated controls with midi-learn -10 preset kits plus 77 midi-patterns -Combinator template for Reason 3.0 and newer versions -New...10 preset kits and 100 cell/pad files for Poise!


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