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Tronto + VCO

Tape Saturated Vintage Polysynth for Kontakt 5


Product Overview

9/10 Musictech Magazine "Authentic analogue sounds with unparalleled sonic depth and almost limitless controllability." - 7 waveforms + pink and white noise from 1972 Synthesizer Oscillators - Recorded with 50 year old valve pre-amps to vintage tape - A choice of 30 filters - 6 LFOs, two per section (oscillator, filter, amplifier) - 2 global LFOs and an AHD envelope modulating frequencies of each of the 6 LFOs - 4 varieties of spring reverb with 9 variations each - 185 instruments, 15 multis - Unique 'saturation' button with custom tape/tube impulse response - Choice of 3 interface colours This instrument contains 9 different sets of samples - each spanning over 7 octaves (each set corresponding to the valve driven and tape saturated waveforms and noise generators - pre-filter). All notes seamlessly looped. Effortlessly get that early Kraftwerk,Tangerine Dream and Radiophonic Workshop sound. Kontakt 5.0.3 or above Maschine template included This synth uses the same sound samples as Waveform72 **Now with a FREE copy of the companion synth 'VCO'. The VCO is very similar to 'Tronto' and 'DCO' but with much longer samples. The samples have long natural wave cycles of up to 15 seconds before looping, and are all phase aligned at sample start. The 'VCO' is free with any purchase of Tronto or DCO .


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Tronto + VCO

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