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That?s right, we sampled a toy piano through a few hundred thousand dollars worth of high-end studio equipment. The result is a sonic palate and sound quality unlike any other Toy Piano you may have heard. We released this Toy Piano originally over 6 months ago, and felt that while it was functional, we didn't really think through the design. Gone is the skeuomorphic design, replaced by a flatter, easier to navigate interface, with everything in the one tab. It's a simple, effective instrument, why make it overly complex?! Along with the design changes we cleaned up the code to be more efficient when handling the various groups of sampled microphones. Features: - 269 samples at 24 bit 48kHz resolution - 3 mono microphones - AKG C414, D190E, NTK - 1 stereo A|B pair of microphones - AKGC414 - Sampled through a Custom Series 75 True Analogue Console in Classic Voltage Summing Mode and Pro Tools HD system for optimum sound quality. Requirements: This is a Kontakt instrument. You require the FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5 in order to use this instrument. We do offer a free version of this instrument, it has limited capabilities but will give you an idea of what the FULL version offers. You can find it here:


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Toy Piano V2.0

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