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Toy Piano
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Michael Bietenholz


Toy Piano

A toy piano Kontakt instrument

Product Overview

The lovely Jenni gave me this Straco "Grand Piano" toy piano, a beautiful piece of the toy-piano-maker's art, as you can see.

I have sampled it extensively, as I wanted to retain the highest fidelity and authenticity!

Each note is sampled at two velocities, so you get the full effect of the differences between the keys, although I did extend the range a little bit, and unlike the real thing, there are black keys. The special note-off noises are also sampled (note-off volume is controllable).

As ever, I give you more - there is a sub-octave to add more depth which can be brought in with a midi-control or a dedicated knob in the Kontakt panel. In addition, the mod-wheel brings in a looped, sustaining sample also made from the toy-piano for a ghostly sort of choral drone.

Ideal for your Schroeder moments, and just whenever you get tired of your favourite multi-gigabyte Grand Piano sample, or when the innocent little blond child plays the toy-piano just as the Candarian demons .....

(Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher required) - NOT Kontakt Player

Customer Reviews

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More Toy than Piano

What to say more than: one of the best toy pianos available. Good velocity sensitivity, realistic sound with the caracteristic, a bit creepy, inflexions. With all these and the extended range, it can be used for all kind of compositions, but especially very cinematic, and very horrific.Nice and well worth his 5 stars.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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