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The Tongue Drum. Also known as a slit drum, instruments of this type have been used throughout Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania. Woody, percussive, melodic - its log, its log! This Kontakt instrument is deeply sampled, and made from close-miked stereo stereo samples, for a nice full sound. Unlike the real instrument, which only has six notes, the Kontakt instrument plays chromatically, and the range has been considerably extended so you can get some nice bass hits out of it. Sampled at multiple velocities, round-robin alternates. Included is a "gank" sound which is a strange squeak that happens when you hit the tongues hard and just a little bit crooked. This sound is controlled from the custom interface, so you can go from "perfect" playing to playing that has an organic grit to it (you can select full-time, random or none). The interface also provides a choice of neutral sound, or you can colour the sound with two convolution resonance modifiers ("wood" or "metal").


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Tongue Drum

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