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For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) This library consists of horrifying, terrifying, extremely creepy percussive and ambient elements sampled from.... a barn door? Sounds ridiculous I know, but once you listen to the patches via the youtube video to the left, you'll be a true believer in just how creepy a basic barn door can be. Every sound heard in this library is recorded from a huge metal barn door from inside the metal barn itself to preserve the natural ambience (with a few other sounds stemming from recordings of random things found in the barn itself). The door was kicked, hammered, scraped with all sorts of tools, axed, and then kicked some more to achieve the samples needed. Many of the patches are amazingly useable due to their subtelness... while others are clearly geared towards stingers and stabs. The Door consists of 28 Kontakt patches and is geared towards game and film composers in need of something terrifyingly unique for their next horror or sci fi score. Amidst the barrage of percussive inspired patches, there are even a few tuned instruments that come across as flutelike, except you can hear the barn door chains rattling in the background. Creepy and uniquely unnerving in sound. All of the patches are bathed in reverb (which can be toggled on / off) and the mod wheel makes some of these patches sound downright horrific. So what are you waiting for? Head through The Door and check out the video walkthrough.. if you dare! The Door is only compatible with Kontakt 4.2 and above!
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