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Experimental Percussion Beds

Unique, Exerimental Percussion Loop Beds and More!

Product Overview

This is a truly unique collection of percussion loops, mapped to Kontakt. They were created using a complex FX chain, with the basis of most of the sounds being sculpted from NI's Reaktor modular synthesis engine (not the extra instruments, however). Just going through the different Bed instruments will take you on a journey, perhaps causing you to recollect music from Radiohead (the more experimental side), early Genesis (The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway) and even Porcupine Tree. The samples are also included (in the Kontakt sample folders) so you can drag and drop them in your DAW or import them. The extra instruments included were very experimental and are not synced. They are not percussive and tend to be more cinematic and ambient. Each loop is synced to 120BPM. However, many of them are syncopated, so may seem out of tempo naturally. The idea for the instrument originally came from the soundtrack to The Shining --that reoccurring pitch oscillation that stirs uneasiness in your gut. However, it the project has morphed into something completely different, and instead of being a cinematic library with sounds inspired by that reoccurring theme, I went in the direction of experimental percussion instead. However, the idea is the same. These percussion loops are meant to be an underpinning, not necessarily at the forefront of a piece. They were meant to add brush strokes to a piece. That's not to say that they cannot be used as the basis or foundation of a piece. As many of the loops are somewhat ethereal and unconventional, they can be used in unique ways. Your imagination can go crazy! This is just a glimpse of things to come for upcoming releases. Working on this project has spawned a plethera of creative ideas which I am very excited to bring you in the course of the next several weeks! Say tuned! CONTENTS 11 percussion bed instruments (each with multiple variations and samples) The beds are all mapped to start at C1 7 experimental extras (including 1 multi) These are cinematic and ambient. Most are not remotely percussive. Total size unzipped: 1.20GB Total size compressed: 969MB Please note: You must have at least version or newer of Kontakt in order to use these libraries. If you have the latest version of the free player, it will only work in demo mode.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Experimental Percussion Beds

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