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Daytone Audio

The Source

Source-Based Synthesizer

Product Overview

Sampled electric cellos, guitars, basses, synthesizers, ethnic instruments, atmospheres, and human voices come together beautifully in DayTone Audio's latest release, The Source.

With source-based synthesis, users will encounter a wonderful balance between 50 melodic and effect-driven patches that flow easily between styles and scoring applications.

Be in control with on-board effects and parameters:

  • Use the Mod Wheel to program seamless volume control
  • Envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
  • Distortion
  • Tempo-synced Pulse/LFO
  • Convolution Reverb -
  • Filter 50 Playable and Effects-Based


  • Pads
  • Leads
  • Atmospheres

Sampled Instrument List (Recorded in 24-bit at 44.1k)

  • Electric Guitar -Bass Guitar
  • Mangled Synthesizers
  • Baritone and Tenor Voices
  • Piano (Upright and Grand)
  • Tampura
  • Saw Duang
  • Whispers and Shouts
  • Effect-based sources (i.e. old furnace, whispers, shouts, oil drum)

Requires FULL version of Kontakt v 5.5.1+

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