The Guns Vol 1 - 250 Weapon Sound Effects
The Guns Vol. 1
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TH Studio

The Guns Vol. 1

250 High Quality Weapon Sounds

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Product Overview

TH Studio Production, offers you a sound library at 192kHz, 24 bit, 250 high-quality weapon sounds.

Total of 6 weapons:

  • 556 NATO
  • UZI
  • VZ 58
  • Revolver RUGER
  • PUMP-Remington 887 Nitro Mag.

This library boosts your creativity, giving you the opportunity to construct with and layer each and every sound in a way that satisfies your need.

We’ve recorded every possible sound of those weapons, including but not only, Falling bullet, bullet insert, bullet ejection, magazine insertion, magazine ejection, reload, safety fuse toggle, no-ammo trigger and shots.

Sounds are arranged, indexed and easy to find in order for you to have an easier workflow.

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