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Tetra Sampler Bank

Kontakt + EXS24 Instruments - REDUCED PRICE


Product Overview

Available is a bank of Kontakt and EXS24 sampler instruments engineered from sounds of the Dave Smith Tetra, including 42 patches for Kontakt and 25 for the EXS24.

These sampler instruments are: - lush, warm, alive and expressive - sonically on a par with the Tetra/Prophet 08 ? everything you would imagine an analog synth to be! With these virtual instruments in Kontakt you can: - play up to 32 voices of raw analog power - add multiple filters, LFOs, envelopes, analog saturation and powerful NI FX - stack, layer, mix & match multiple patches together for truly outstanding sounds - effortlessly inject analog warmth and depth into your productions

This bank includes: Leads, Basses, Pads, Arps, FM Sounds and Analog Plucks.

All patches are ready to go, insert them into a project and you'll immediately have the sound of a powerful analog synth at your disposal. Compatibility Note: the Kontakt patches require Kontakt version 4.2.2 onwards.

Latest customer testimonial:

"This is one of the best sample sets Ive heard! Seriously, it is very very well done and very playable, which is first and foremost with me. As a matter of fact, these may be the most playable samples that I have. It feels to me like I am playing the synth and that is a rare experience for me. Your sound design within Kontakt is very minimal and "to the point", which I think speaks hugely for the quality and attention that went into the sampling. This library is easily worth $40 -50."


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