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Product Overview Now available! Original presets for Massive, the signature brand software synthesizer by Native Instruments. ? ?Massive Presets / The Elements? contains 50 presets. We based production of this kaleidoscope of presets on images ranging from the special sounds of the koto, shakuhachi (bamboo flute), and other traditional Japanese instruments to the newest sounds of contemporary genres such as Trap and EDM. This collection also includes Midi files with recordings of demo songs. Here is the list of presets in ?Massive Presets / The Elements? ?Koto 01?03 ?Shakuhachi ?JapaneseFlute ?Harp ?Clavinet_Wah ?JapaneseDrum ?Lead 01?16 ?Pluck 01?02 ?Bell ?Misc 01?03 ?Pad 01?02 ?Bass 01?04 ?Wobble-bass 01?08 ?FX 01?06? This preset pack will add creativity with a difference to your Massive that will make your music production even more exciting. Be sure to experience these unique presets! SamplingLabo


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