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The library consists of sets of Jal Tarang, Tabla Tarang, Spoon Tarang and derived sound designed instruments. Jal Tarang (means waves in water) is an Indian melodic percussion instrument, it consists of sets of ceramic bowls tuned with the aid of water, and the bowls are played by striking the edge with wooden sticks, one in each hand. TablaTarang is a rarely heard instrument these days.

It consists of a number of right hand drums of Tabla tuned to different scales placed in semi-circular arrangement, melodies are played by striking the drums. The Library covers a variety of instruments like scratchy tuned instruments, Tinkle bells instruments, heavy attacking Jaltarang/Tablatarang instruments, Tinkling Spoontarang sounds, reverse sound effects and exciting multis. The custom Script created for this library makes it more beautiful. 

  • Samples size 538 mb (NCW Format)
  • 20 plus Instruments patches designed from basic instruments
  • Custom Script for creative workflow
  • Jal Tarang (10 Velocity Layers , 10 Round Robins)
  • Tabla Tarang ( 8 Velocity Layers , 8 Round robins)
  • Custom Pads from Jal Tarang and Tabla Tarang samples
  • Custom Arp presets for instruments.
  • Multis Included
  • Sample Resolution : 44.1khz/24 bit

For Kontakt 4.2.3 or higher full retail version only.

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