Synth Nation Reason Refill

1000+ Synth Patches, 100+ Effects, All Using Reason's Internal Devices!


Product Overview

Synth Nation is here, and now optimized for Reason 6! Reason 4+ Users can still use 90% of the Combinators and all of the Synth Device patches. The Synth Nation Reason Refill represents over a year of sound design and programming in Reason's internal synths. It has quickly gained popularity as a go-to Reason synth library for producers of many genres, from electronic and pop to hip-hop and funk! Every patch has been designed using only the internal synth devices in Reason, so it's compatible with Reason 4+. Every device is programmed to it's fullest extent, including pitch and mod wheels and assignable controls in the Thor patches. Every Combinator makes use of all 8 of the buttons and knobs, offering many variations on each patch! Every sound you hear has been carefully designed for producers to use in any genre that needs original synth sounds, and programmed to work flawlessly with Reason's included effects and devices! ?Do you need fiery leads, cutting, fat mids and huge powerful synths for your melodies? ?Crushing basses to thump trunks and wobble the dancefloor? Rhythmic synths to add motion? ?Keys, Pads, Textures and Synth sounds with real character, flavor and flexibility? ?Pulsing and Powerful Synths emulating a wide range of digital and analog gear? ?Soundscapes and Motion Sequences to add atmosphere and tension? You'll find them all. Using only Reason's amazing internal synths!


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Synth Nation Reason Refill

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