Stumbl -Presets for Ohmboyz Delay
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Preset banks for Ohmforce's Legendary Ohmboyz Delay device!


Product Overview

HI FOLKS! We're back to one of MY many favorite delay devices: Ohmboyz!!!   

While it may be older than some, it still offers more than most other delays: stereo delay lines, 4 tap pre-delay, lfo's (10 shapes...) to [nearly] every control knob; ... its options are inexhaustible. I have pushed the lfos this time... A LOT of interplay with square waves and delay time ratios, etc... very complex  paths
There is a total of 22 banks in 'stumbl' (preset total= 176)

As always, this set was inspired by the abuse of technology and the use of older and more lofi sounds/nostalgia/BOC/filmstrips of the 70's type feel...
I am quite happy with the uneveness of some of the time/feeling from these presets.  

I *have* provided a few audio examples to give you some idea of the neighborhood in which these presets live ;]  

However- These are meant to be played...

You will get a lot more out of them if you "play"  thru them... they do react and you will react to what comes out of the plugin...  hope this makes sense... 

Notes: as with all my favorites (it seems...) there is a bit of a proprietarty way that  the presets are treated in Ohmboyz:  
"There are eight Preset memory allocations. A group of eight Presets can be saved as a Preset-Bank to your hard disk. These Preset-Banks are multi-platform, thus enabling you to load Presets into any sequencer on any computer." For each Preset-Bank file that is included in the preset pack, there  are actually EIGHT (8) presets available when that bank is loaded.   I hope you enjoy these. it is a LOT of fun to come up with them ;]

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