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It's time for Flamenco!!! Developed for live playing, Spanish Guitar is the perfect copy of a real Spanish guitar. The Performer Intelligent Technology ? modulates the sound to simulate the expressivity and the articulations of the real guitar. Fret noises, crunches, legato, staccato, slide. All in real-time? YES. You just have to play it to believe: the P.I.T.? technology seems to follow the intentions of the player. - Get your favourite sound with the dedicated control panel. - 4 dynamic layers and 2x Round Robin for a perfect realism. - Hephaestus? P.I.T.? Technology for real-time articulations. - Try the 6 different .NKI presets, one for each Spanish music playing mode. - Yes. It is ONLY 61 MB. - Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 mins limit on Kontakt Player). Included .NKI files: Classical Flamenco, Chicken Pickin?, Hard Flamenco, Soft Flamenco, Folk Mandolin, Two Players.


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