Space Evolutions 1.1 for Kontakt 5

Animated Textures, Synths & Field Recordings for Ambient and Underscores


Product Overview

Space Evolutions 1.1, Animated Textures, Keys, Pads, Beats and Field Recordings for Kontakt 5 A world of moving, evolving textures and narrative instruments made for ambient, subtle cinematic, film/game scoring, soundtracks, chillout, IDM, glitch, and more. Special Field Recording folder with nature and urban environments. All textures and synths are designed from multi layered sources (up to six samples), searching for musical evolving sounds, carefully tuned to give you the best playability. New version features four pre-assigned MIDI CC that will give anyone with a keyboard/controller the possibility to mutate the sound on the fly without using the mouse at all anymore (just play and make the sound change). Assigned knobs control: LPF, HPF, DISTORSION and a customized "Add FX to MW". Of course, it is the same library as version 1, with the same patches and samples, so for all existing customers using midi controllers (e. g. real knobs) it is worth having the new version (that will be provided free of charge). - Five categories, 56 instruments, 24 multis - 944 mb uncompressed, wave, 44.100 Khz - 24 bit - 12 original field recordings (up to 10 min. long) - Four preassigned MIDI CC to your keyboard/controller, for easy "morph on the fly" (you control: LPF, HPF, additional DISTORTION, custom Add FX to MW) - All sounds carefully tuned (to C3) - All instruments with custom Mod Wheel pre-assigned - Essential GUI with ADSR - Average CPU friendly - Please, read the included instructions for midi set up - Made for Kontakt 5.5.1 full version ONLY (do NOT buy if you own Free Kontakt Player) We recommend to experiment with the Mod Wheel and the pre-assigned Four knobs to fully enjoy the evolving, animated nature of Space Evolutions. ALL sounds in the demos come from Space Evolutions ONLY See the video overview below:


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Space Evolutions 1.1 for Kontakt 5

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