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SoS24 is a S+S drum-module based on a classic 12bit "made in japan" rhythm composer machine sampled dry and through 24 hardware effects. Each of the 16 SOS parts has editing controls for volume, pitch, panning, filtering and reverse playback. Plus, using the Fx control, one of 24 hardware fxs can be activated to enhance, smear, degrade, drive or destroy the drums. Featuring 14 analog and 3 digital effects sampled alone or combined, the selection of radical hardware inserts includes compressor, lo-fi tape, envelope flanger, envelope filter, 12 db/oct multimode filter, 10-stages phaser as well as several kinds of distortions including tube & cascated tubes, sampler distortion, vintage & volt-starved fuzz, waveshaping & bitcrushing, feedback-loop fuzz, amp simulator and more. Resulting drumkits can be played raw or edited, stereo trasformed, routed to outputs (where available) and stored as patches. -S+S drum module for Kontakt 4.2.3 or newer versions -16 original sounds with 24 variations -400 24bit 96k mono samples, 39Mb (unlocked) -outputs assignment and optional "drift" -stereo FX for rim/snare/clap/cymbals/percussions -optional note-operated user interface -host-automated controls with midi-learn -34 preset kits plus 40 midi-patterns -34 kits for OneSmallClue Poise sampler


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