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1001 - Ultimate Collection for Dune 1

1001 Presets for Synapse Audio Dune

Product Overview

This is a re-release of a Dune 1 Presets collection from the sound designer Art Renaissance Project. You will get 1000 Presets for Synapse Audio Dune 1 In this Ultimate Collection you will get Coloured Harlequin (128 Presets) DeepDune (128 Presets) DreamCatchers (120 Presets) DUNE Beginning (128 Presets) DUNE Source of life (121 Presets) Inspiring grounds (120 Presets) Live of Dune (128 Presets) MoNoS (128 Presets) After the holidays, they will be a INTRO price of 29? Normal Price 39? After holiday, the libraries will be available also as individual libraries - each for 5.99?


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in 1001 - Ultimate Collection for Dune 1

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