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Michael Bietenholz



An ARP Solina String Ensemble sample-set

Product Overview

Oh Solina, how I pine for you.

A few bits of wood, a few frequency divider circuits and a bucket-brigade delay line was all it took to make everyone from the Cure to Pink Floyd to Jean-Michel Jarre fall in love with you.....

A multi-sampled ARP Solina String Ensemble, with as always, a few tasty extras - and if you didn't want extras, you'd just go down to Ye Olde Vintage Keyboard Shoppe and buy the real thing, wouldn't you?

So, unlike the vintage Solina, this Kontakt instrument is velocity sensitive and the mod-wheel brings slightly detuned samples for a tasty, per-note flanging effect, and after-touch brings in a bit of tremolo.

FULL Kontakt only please. Not Kontakt Player

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars(2)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★Verified Review

Best Sounding Miniature Solina

Yes, this is the best sounding miniature instrument for Kontakt featuring Solina. Minimalistic but with great sound and greater price, especially when discounted. Highly underrated and underpriced, so highly recommended.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆Verified Review

Pretty good

Sound great, great value. The only one I'd choose over this is the Arturia Solina

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