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For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) Prepare to give your sub a workout... Soft Tension Hits is something I have used for years on various game / film projects and only just recently revamped it for public release. After taking a cue from Hans Zimmer and how he records his custom percussion libs with lots of low nuances (and making the hall a character in each recording)... I decided to create this beast of a sample package for Kontakt. Don't let the name fool you, this library is geared towards film and game composers in need of HUGE unique percussion hits that have been stylistically recorded and designed specifically for horror, sci fi, and action writing. Even the "small" patches sound huge (I'm looking at you "Table Flicks"). While there are a handful of multisampled and/or tuned patches, this is not meant to be played like a traiditional drum kit (as there are no round robins). STH is intended more for stabs, tension building, wipes, and scene transitions. Many of the hits are geared towards subtle low hits rather than the in your face epic thunder produced by huge drums such as frame drums, toms, and dhols. STH contains all sorts of odd things recorded in a concert hall ranging from a metal stool, small metal table, large metal table, bodhran drum, low tuned (and tweaked) snare drum, gongs, claves, various metal "toys", and a large metal door (which is the main instrument in an upcoming library). Prepare for serious epic low end! Full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher required!
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