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Slum Drums MultiFormat

300+ amazing Drum Samples with vintage character and modern detail

Product Overview

Over 300 amazing Drum Samples, offered in multiple popular formats. ?Reason Refill ?EXS-24 for Logic ?FL Studio FPC and DirectWave ?Universal WAV Pack All Formats included in purchase! So you don't pay extra! Each drum sound has been carefully designed to be the best it can be. The punchiest kicks, the most crackin snares, Every kit has sounds specifically matched to one another, for maximum groove and flavor. Using gear such as the SP-1200, MPC2000XL and the ASR-X to harvest and craft the samples, there is a distinctly "old-school" character that is still relevant in modern production. We guarantee these drum sounds will suit anyone's style of production! You won't find any throwaway drum sounds here, every sample is usable and not over-processed.. ?Styles ranging from huge 808-inspired drums to rugged, vinyl chops to modern slaps ?Claps, Snares and Toms with character, punch, snap, crackle and pop! ?Hats, Cymbals, Rimshots and Percussion matched to the other sounds in the kits. Warning; These drums will piss off your neighbors! Every drum has been lovingly cared for by SampleFiends to make sure they fit in your mixes right away! Whether you make Hip-Hop & Rap, Trap, Pop and R, Dubstep, House, Electro, Techno or any form of Urban or Electronic Dance Music, we've got something for you! Drums to knock your socks off! You need Drums to slap in the Slums?


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